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The 20-Minute Face


Join my group, hands-on makeup class mastering quick techniques for a clean and polished look that you can confidently rock Every Single Day!

It's Game Time, Let's Go!

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Elevate your beauty game with my signature “The 20-Minute Face” class.

Listen, I wasn’t always a makeup artist. I actually didn’t get into makeup until I was in my career trying to look “the part” for work. I remember struggling to blend my eyeshadows with my eyeliner going wrong, looking bolder and stronger than Amy Winehouse’s wing (RIP). I went to YouTube, but that wasn’t enough. I needed guided direction. I needed to be shown exactly how to load up my brush with product and the motions I needed to make to apply it so it didn’t look harsh. I didn’t want to feel ashamed about my makeup application while in public.


Hi! I'mTrace!

Many of you may know me as Face By Trace.  But just in case you don't, I'm Trace, former BURNT out Quality Assurance & Control Manager, overseeing several labs, regulatory policies, systems, audits, and programs for over 18 years, to now Makeup Artist, Beauty Educator, and Beauty Business Coach on a mission to help everyday women like yourself achieve a look that makes you feel empowered like the superwoman that you are. You wear several capes and deserve to look your absolute best while doing so. Even Superwoman and Wonder Woman rocked red lipstick. 💄💋

So I totally get it! You don't have much time. Neither did I. This is the reason why I created this class because I was not an early morning riser, and I did not want to wake up an hour in advance EVER just to do my makeup.


I gave myself 20 minutes TOPS!


I achieved it, AND SO CAN YOU!



My work can be seen in:

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here's why my class is a Game Changer!

✅Everyday Glam: Perfect your daily look effortlessly.

✅ Product Essentials: Discover my must-have products that can be used interchangeably for any occasion. You do not need a million products. Products will be available for purchase at the end of the class.

✅ Time-Saving Routine: Say goodbye to lengthy, hour long makeup sessions! Achieve a clean and polished look in just 20 minutes!

✅ Personalized PRO Tips: Because the class size will be small, I will be offering tailored advice for your unique beauty routine and desires.

✅ Effortless Techniques: Learn easy, foolproof methods and hacks for a flawless finish.

✅ Confidence Boost: Unleash your inner goddess! Get ready to be asked, “who did your makeup?” and confidently say, “Me! I did!”


Ready to glow up?

Sunday, April 21, 2024 - 1:00pm 

If you can't attend this round, here's TWO options I have for you!

OPTION 1: Take the Online "20-Minute Face" Class

Available to watch at anytime!

OPTION 2: Join the waitlist for the next "20-Minute Face" Class

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